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The Pasquarelli brothers were born near Rome, Italy, in Abruzzi.
Their family raised veal, which was served in some of Rome's finest restaurants.
Gino Pasquarelli, the oldest of the three brothers, loved to cook so much that at age 12 he regularly helped his mother in the kitchen.
At 15, Gino started cooking professionally and worked at some of the best known restaurants in Italy.
In addition to his family specialty of veal dishes, he learned to prepare delicious feasts from fresh fish harvested from the ocean by local fishermen, and cooked homemade pasta from his own recipies.
In 1970, the Pasquarelli family arrived in the United States, Gino worked with some of the best known chefs in Pittsburgh until 1980, when he and his brothers, Joseph and Mario, opened Pasquarelli's.

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